Professional Tour Guide, Consultancy,Travel Planner - Sardinia.

All services are provided in English, Spanish and ItalianGerman upon specific request.

escursione fuoristrada

Why with Sardinsula?

SMALL GROUPS, BIG FUN! Private & small group tours only. Enjoy your experience with your family and friends. Travelling with a private guide is like having a knowledgeable friend by your side.

PERSONALISED, TAILORMADE TOURS. Our itineraries are individually tailored to suit your wishes and necessities. You’re the one who decides the program and the intensity of the tour, the things to focus on etc... we'll do our best to set up the right consultancy to suit perfectly everything to your needs.

TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL, AWAY FROM THE CROWD. An average tourist only sees a tiny bit of what Sardinia has to offer. Hundreds of visitors just see the same things, having no idea that there are lots of great things just few steps away. Sardinsula will give you a different experience. You’ll see hidden gems only known by locals.



MAXIMUM ADAPTABILITY TO YOUR NEEDS. We know that plans can change, and we are OK with this. Just let us know as soon as possible if you decide to change or modify your tour. You have time untill 7 days before the tour's departure.



Professional Tour Guide.

Consultancy for tours, travels and holiday solutions, excursions and personalised itineraries in Sardinia.

Airports, harbours private assistance and reception.

Transfer Service assistance from/to airports, harbours.

Management and Organisation of tourist services all over Sardinia.

All services can be provided in English, Spanish, Italian and German upon specific request.

Services in German are provided with a german-speaking tour guide that requires a reasonable supplementary extra charge.


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