# Top 5 Reasons to visit Sardinia

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#1 - Incredibly Wild Nature, Rugged Mountains and Unspoiled Beaches

1850 km of indented coastline enclose 24000 square km of undisputed natural beauty! 

A never-ending succession of Rocky Cliffs, pristine emerald bays, crystal-clear blue water tiny coves, sparkling granite coasts, marine caverns, natural swimming pools and hundreds of smaller islands and secondary archipelagos to explore.

13 Protected Areas within National Parks, Regional Parks and Marine Protected Areas host Astonishing sea-life and Stunning inland fauna. 

Magnificent mediterranean scrub vegetation leaves the show to green thriving woods and incredible mountain panoramas.

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torre la pelosa stintino sardegna

#2 - Nice weather nearly all year long

Sardinia boasts a beautifully warm Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and coastal temperatures averaging 26.5 degrees (83F) in July and August. The island is renowned for its 'six-month summer' which means that the sea can be warm enough for swimming from MAY until OCTOBER.

August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29°C (77°F) and the coldest is January at 10°C (50°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 12 in July.

The island is known as "Sa domo 'e su 'entu" - "The house of the wind"!

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trekk punta scoglietti sardegna stintino

#3 - Absolutely friendly and genuine Local People

Sardinian people are friendlywarm and communicative and very proud of their beautiful and unique island home, and its heritage. Nor are they theatrical or gregarious, but they look at you frankly in the eye and treat you as a human being first of all.

The "Sardinians" are a quite sturdy in general, but at the same time alert, lively, and brave, even to rashness sometimes; firm friends but implacable enemies; quick of understanding, of vivacious imagination and passionately fond of poetry, zealous in maintaining their rights and liberty, but loyal and fond of their Island.

nuraghe losa abbasanta
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#4 - Amazing traditional culture and history

Visitors of Sardinia can enjoy on a very special and evocativejourney full of surprises at every corner. It is a journey through time, to the roots and the mysterious origins of this enchanted island, rich of traditions, creativity and fantasy.
It is a journey to discover the thousands of secrets that are hidden in the ancient culture of the locals and their forefathers.

Sardinia is the Island of the mysterious Nuraghi! The Nuragic civilization takes its name from the nuraghi, circular towerswith probably many different purposes, in the form of truncated cones built of dressed stone for which no parallel exists anywhere else in the world.  The ‘Nuraghe’ represent Sardinia’s greatest archeological treasure: 8,000 ancient megalithic buildings found nowhere else in the world, paired with sacred wells and stones' tomb spreading all around the Island of Sardinia. 

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#5 - Superb food, wine and craft beer

From the moment you sit down at the table in Sardinia, food will be placed in front of you. The table is for eating, and eating is a reason to spend time with the ones you love. 

Cheeses hold special sway in Sardinia, being the island’s most exported food product.

By combining some of the best and most quintessential flavors of Italian (tomatoes, basil, olives), French (cheeses, crispy breads, heavy cream) and Arabic cultures (saffron, chickpeas, lamb), your own meals can easily become Sardinian feasts beyond your tastiest expectations.

Be prepared for surprises, you will see patches of vineyardsdotted around an essentially pastoral landscape, dominated by shepherds and their sheep. Farmers, shepherds, and olive growers to the butcher and baker  own small plots of vines, cultivating themselves and making wine at home for family and friends.

Cannonau is the wine synonymous with Sardinia. The grape is grown all over this island, a special variety of what is generally known as grenache, producing explosive, potent wines.

If you like beer, you are in the right place. The option for the "beer-lovers" is always a great deal. There are more than 20 micro-breweries producing many types of craft beers all to be sipped!